The Current Members

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The members of the Wildcat Regiment Band come from the same geographical area as those originally in the band over 130 years ago.

Bruno J. Pino, Jr.
Bruno Pino

Penns Manor Fife and Drum fronting Wilcat Band at Mercer, Pa

Gettysburg Festival 2010

Gettysburg PA Monument 2010

Former Members - our Alumni
Brad Chris D Cody Dan David Dennis Garry Jeff Joe Jon Kenny Matt Mike S Pat Steve Tom

Eb Cornet

  • D. Amendt- Principal
    Don Amendt

  • D. Robertson- Musician
    Don Robertson

  • P. Rode- Musician
    Paul Rode

Bb Cornet

  • J. Krecota- Musician
    Jason Krecota

  • J. Shirey- Musician
    Jeremy Shirey

  • R. Sourwine- Musician
    Rod Sourwine

Eb Alto

  • C. Krecota- Musician

  • S. Neuroh- Musician

  • M. Pasquerette- Musician

  • B. J. Pino- Musician
    BJ Pino, Jr

  • J. Roach- Musician
    Jim Roach

Bb Tenor/Baritone

  • T. Cramer- Musician
    Tim Cramer
  • R. McFerron- 1st Sergeant
    JR McFerron
  • J. Mills- Musician
    Jay Mills
  • G. Moore- Musician
    Galen Moore
  • K. Scott- Musician
    Kenton Scott

Eb Bass

  • T. Cramer- Musician
    Ted Cramer
  • W. A. Davis- Musician
    Wayne Davis
  • M. Elrod- Musician
    Mark Elrod
  • R. Freda- Musician
    Ron Freda
  • S. Good- Drum Major
    Sherman Good


  • R. Dalbey- Musician
    Rob Dalbey
  • N. McFerron- Musician
    Nick McFerron
  • R. C. Murphy- Musician
    Robert "Murph" Murphy

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